Ramen is quite a hit especially in Manila. It’s easy to see why this is the case. It’s warm, rich and filling. It’s something that will truly make any day better.

Manileños have a lot of options when it comes to ramen. Restaurants serving ramen are everywhere in Manila. This is why Lipeños looking to enjoy a bowl or two go to Manila to satisfy their cravings for ramen. That was before. Now, we can enjoy ramen along with other Japanese and Asian fusion dishes right here in Lipa City.

A couple of nights ago, my heart and belly were warmed with some warm, rich and filling ramen. It was quite an experience – one that I couldn’t believe I’m having right here in our city. Thanks to Tengoku Ramen House, we can now experience this warmth whenever cravings strike.

About Tengoku Ramen House

I’ve been hearing about Tengoku Ramen House for quite some time now from friends from Cuenca. It’s Cuenca’s pride, I was told. They’ve been telling me the same thing – Tengoku offers good and affordable ramen.

With Lipeños making regular trips to Cuenca just to dine at Tengoku, the owner, Chef Rommel Aguila, decided to accept an invitation to set up shop in Lipa City. They opened just this January and are now establishing a solid presence. In addition to ramen lovers who are thankful that there’s finally a ramen house in Lipa City, more and more first timers are becoming regulars.

It’s easy to find Tengoku. It will be on your left about 10 meters from the Villa Lourdes entrance.

Tengoku Ramen House
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Tengoku Ramen House Lipa City

The restaurant is fairly big. It has a capacity of about 50 people.

Chef Rommel Aguila is no stranger to ramen and Japanese cuisine, having worked at Japanese restaurants here and in Canada for years. Thanks to his experience working in Canada, he was able to inject Western fusion into Japanese cuisine.

Chef Rommel Aguila
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Chef Rommel Aguila of Tengoku Ramen House

You can still taste the authenticity especially since majority of their ingredients are imported, but the fusion made it more exciting for our local palate. It has resulted to an experience at Tengoku Ramen House that you’d like to relive over and over again.

What We’ve Tried

Of course, we have to start with the Gyoza.

At PHP 95, it’s a pretty good deal.

I love how perfectly cooked the Gyoza is. It’s perfectly seared. The filling is generous and meaty to the taste.

We tried the Dragon Fly Roll next.

Priced at PHP 189, it’s meant to be shared, although I’m pretty sure I can wolf it down by myself given the chance. It’s so good!

Look how perfect it is!

As proof of the Western influence, we were also served the American Dream Roll.

American Dream Roll
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American Dream Roll (PHP 189)

With the mixture of shrimp tempura and spicy tuna, it really is a dream.

If you’re coming as a group, or as a very hungry individual, go for the Maki Sampler!

We were served this on our 2nd visit and it fed a team of 6!

We were also served something I’ve never tried before – Wasabi Oyster Tempura!

Wasabi Oyster Tempura
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Wasabi Oyster Tempura (PHP 189)

This is something that you have to order when you visit. This was a hit among the Hello Lipa team.

Speaking of something we’ve never tried before, we tried something new on our 2nd visit – Uni Sashimi.

Uni is Japanese for sea urchin so yes, this is sea urchin. It tasted fresh. I could still taste the seawater.

A meal at a Japanese restaurant won’t be complete without Ebi Tempura, and the tempura of Tengoku Ramen House is probably the best we’ve tried in Batangas.

Look at how plump they are! You can also see that it’s cooked perfectly crunchy. It’s not overcooked, which is a crime when cooking tempura.

It’s just as good on our 2nd visit!

We also tried the Gindara Teriyaki with mashed potatoes.

Gindara is a flaky white fish which means it’s perfect for teriyaki. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the mashed potatoes are considering that I’m eating at a ramen house.

We got to try another seafood dish on our 2nd visit – Seafood Teppan.

This is packed with seafood and vegetables. I can just imagine how it will go perfectly with rice. I should have ordered rice! 🙁

They also served us Japanese Spring Rolls.

Japanese Spring Roll
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Japanese Spring Roll (PHP 129)

It’s one of those spring rolls that you’d have to eat a couple more than what you’re planning to.

Another appetizer we tried is the Enoki Kani Bacon Roll.

This is crab stick and enoki (Japanese mushroom) wrapped in glorious bacon. Just read that last part of the sentence and don’t worry about the first part. You just know it’s going to be good because bacon.

The Ramen of Tengoku Ramen House

Of course, a ramen house’s reputation is going to be built by how good their ramen is. It would be unfair to Tengoku to compare their ramen to ramen dishes worth PHP 450+. Tengoku did an amazing job putting together affordable ramen dishes but they didn’t stop at being able to offer affordable ramen dishes. They made sure that they’ll still taste amazing.

We were served a couple of their best-sellers. First up is the Spicy Seafood Ramen.

Priced at PHP 289 for the X-Large, we were surprised at how big it is. It’s loaded with seafood and fresh and crisp vegetables. You can taste the freshness in every bite.

We also tried the Super Tonkotsu Ramen.

I guess there’s no need to tell you why it’s called super. I mean, look at those pieces of pork! Also priced at PHP 289 for the X-Large bowl, this creamy goodness is good for 2.

On our 2nd visit, we tried a couple more. There’s the Buta Kakuni Ramen.

This ramen has a generous serving of braised pork. So good.

We also tried the Spicy Gyoza Ramen.

Another winner!

Of course, it’s just fitting to end this satisfying meal with cold sake!

You’ll be surprised at how varied their offerings are. They’re not just about the ramen. Check out their menu to see their offerings. Yes, they even offer wings! That’s something to try next time.

Try Tengoku Today!

See for yourself why Tengoku Ramen House has quite a following in Cuenca. If you want something warm and filling or you just want something rich and satisfying, Tengoku is something that you have to try.

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