Brava is Esperanto for brave and valiant, and the 3 owners of Bravas Food House couldn’t have picked a better name. They’re braving the competitive Lipa City food scene, and are offering gourmet food at that.

We all know that if a restaurant packages its offerings as gourmet, you can bet that expectations will be sky high. Add that to the fact that they’re offering their food at affordable prices and you have to wonder if they can pull it off.

Thanks to their experience in the food industry and genuine love and passion for good food, they’re right to be brave. As the Hello Lipa team found out, they have the potential not only to survive, but to thrive.

About Bravas Food House

Bravas Food House is a cozy restaurant that just opened last June 28, 2017. It’s located at Casa Ysabel, which in itself is a potentially-charming location.

Look for this sign.

It’s located on the same street as the Lipa City Cathedral, so it’s a nice place to try after attending mass at the Cathedral. You just have to cross to the other side of the street.

Bravas Food House is one of the few restaurants that were able to find that sweet spot between high quality food and affordability. They’re offering gourmet but familiar dishes, at surprisingly affordable prices.

The restaurant is owned by three sisters. On a side note, the word brava is actually used to express approval of a woman. So, brava!

Gourmet Dishes at an Affordable Price

For appetizers, we were served Patatas Bravas (PHP 49) which is a popular tapa dish served in Spain.

It’s crunchy on the outside and soft, almost creamy, on the inside. It’s served with paprika sauce for an appetizing kick. Good start!

They also served us Nachos (PHP 79).

I loved how meaty it is. The sauces complemented the beef and nachos well.

We were also served one of the yummiest and creamiest soups we’ve tried – the Broccoli Cheese Soup (PHP 45).

One of the owners used to own a specialty soup kitchen, so it’s no wonder this soup is amazing. It was drizzling a bit when we visited, so it was the perfect time to enjoy this soup. You will be slurping this with gusto. It’s something that you’d gladly pay PHP 150 for. It’s soup-tacular!

Also in that picture is their Crab Salad Roll. Here’s a closer look.

At just PHP 59, this is a must to order. It’s fresh and clean. I can almost feel my body being cleansed by the fresh and healthy ingredients. Order it as an appetizer or together with the soup for a light and balanced meal.

They also have rice dishes for the lunch and dinner crowd. Here’s their Chop Chops (PHP 80).

It’s crunchy and juicy, but not too oily. It was perfectly seasoned.

We also tried the Beef Broccoli (PHP 110).

The beef is fork-tender and the broccoli is not overcooked. This is one of those dishes that should come with extra rice.

Of course, we also tried their specialty – Chicken Florentine.

It features a generous chicken breast fillet seasoned perfectly, considering the fact that it’s smothered in creamy and tasty béchamel sauce. The fresh spinach that they used is a testament to their mission of serving high-quality food. This is a steal at PHP 80.

They also served us this Cream Cheese Adobo (PHP 89).

It’s not your typical adobo and that’s a good thing. The creaminess added an interesting taste to the familiar adobo.

They also have pasta dishes. First up was the Fettuccine Alfredo (PHP 89).

I love how they used flat pasta noodles here as it allowed the creamy sauce to really embrace each strand. The crunchy bacon provided a familiar contrast in texture.

They also served Spanish Sardines Pasta.

Now, this type of pasta dish is a personal specialty of mine, so I have high standards for it. This dish passed with flying colors. They use olive oil-based Spanish sardines so that’s a plus. It’s priced affordably at PHP 79.

We also tried Grilled Chicken Pesto Pasta (PHP 89).

I like pesto and this is something that I’d order again. You can really tell that they make their own pesto sauce. It’s fresh. The grilled chicken makes it a very filling dish.

We also tried their Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich (PHP 45).

Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

They use the same pesto sauce as a spread so it’s also good.

We were refreshed throughout the whole meal by their iced tea (PHP 80 per pitcher)

We were already full at this point so we appreciated the tea that they served.

Thanks to the tea, we were able to make room for dessert. That sinful chocolate cupcake is made more sinful with its yema filling (PHP 30). The Crème Brulee (PHP 50) is rich and serves as the perfect ending to a nice meal.

Try it with Your Family

Bravas Food House
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Hello Lipa with the owners of Bravas Food House.

Bravas Food House is one of those family-friendly restaurants. You can eat as a whole family and you don’t have to worry about the bill because the dishes are affordable. They have a nice selection of dishes for everyone – from picky kids to adults looking for a filling meal.

So the next time you hear mass at the Cathedral, make sure that you say a little prayer before meal after the mass. Cross the street to Bravas Food House and really feel blessed for the food that you’re about to eat.

Of course, you can just go straight there for a gourmet-but-affordable-food-trip.

Contact Details

Address: Casa Ysabel, G. A. Solis St. Lipa, Batangas (across the Lipa City Cathedral)

Fan Page

Phone number: 0943 059 9016

Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday at 11 AM to 8 PM.

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