I remember how excited I was when word spread that Pancake House will be opening a branch in Lipa City. Known for their signature pancakes and other popular American breakfast choices served in a diner-like but homey ambiance, it somehow signaled that Lipa City is now ready for more upscale choices, and we couldn’t be happier.

They opened October of 2014 to excited Lipeños. We soon found out that Pancake House is not just about pancakes and breakfast fares. While they’re popular for their all day breakfast options, they also have other dishes that will fill your tummy up and satisfy your palate.

This is why it still remains a popular dining option for Lipeños. Thanks to its accessible location along Ayala Highway, it’s also a popular stop for tourists traveling to or passing by Lipa City. Pancake House Lipa is popular during Sundays for after-mass brunch. It’s also very popular for informal meetings and casual dates. It’s also a go-to place for families and friends celebrating a special occasion!

An Invitation to Try their New Offerings

We received an invitation from Ms. Ailene Barte of Pancake House Lipa and Ms. Kar Monedero-Bonggo of Pancake House Group Inc. to try their new offerings. Being fans of Pancake House, of course we said yes.

We immediately felt at home the moment we entered the store. It’s been months since we last dined in and we still felt as if it’s our second home with aroma of home-cooked dishes inviting us to sit down at the dining table and enjoy a good meal.

Pancake House
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Pancake House – Your 2nd Home

Trying their Old Favorites

Of course, we missed their core products so we also tried some of their old favorites. We started with the Taco Soup.

The Taco Soup is proof that dishes here at Pancake House are made to be filling. It’s a meal in itself – a tasty one at that. It’s a good thing that it’s just served on personal bowls or else, I would have consumed a big bowl with how delicious it is.

Speaking of filling, even their salads will fill you up. We had the Shrimp-Mango Salad.

The lettuce greens are fresh and crisp. The red bell pepper provided a beautiful contrast for the eyes and the texture. The mango provided a bit of sweetness that complemented the sweet and spicy golden mist dressing. The shrimp is a good choice of protein for this dish. The addition of the pili nuts makes this salad a homerun.

We also tried The Best Taco in Town.

Yes, that’s the official name of this taco. After consuming it in seconds, I now know why.

Choose Any 2 Promo

They have an ongoing promo until June 30, 2017. Basically, you can choose 2 from these 3 favorites and you only have to pay PHP 370! The promo comes with iced tea.

Adobo fans will surely like Adobo Sulipan.

I loved how garlicky it was but not to the point that it overwhelms the dish. The dish comes with pork and chicken which is good for variety and hard-boiled egg provides additional protein. The pickled kangkong is a good complement for this dish.

The Special Salisbury Steak needs no introduction.

It’s 1/3 pound of meaty Salisbury steak goodness smothered with their creamy mushroom gravy and topped with crunchy bacon bits.

An old favorite, the Classic Pan Chicken, can now be enjoyed spicy.

The chicken remains juicy but not too oily. The skin is still make-the-next-table-look crunchy. The chili flakes simply made it better by adding a little bit of kick.

The challenging part is choosing 2 among the 3. It’s a hard choice!

Putting the MMMMMM in SuMMMMMMer

Milkshake fans, rejoice! They’re offering 2 new flavors – Peanut Kisses and Ube.

How can you say no? Try them today and they’ll be your new cravings for a while. You have to act fast, though, as they’re only available until June 30, 2017!

Pancake House Milkshakes
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Peanut Kisses and Ube Milkshakes

Oh, and it’s best enjoyed with friends!

Mango Strawberry Pancakes are Here

Pancake House has always been known for their fluffy pancakes. They’re the perfect vehicle for things that you love – like mango and strawberries?

You can enjoy their Mango Strawberry Pancakes until June 30, 2017! Make sure to get bits of mango, strawberry and whipped cream with every big bite! The explosion of flavors will start your day right!

They’re Now Delivering!

Good news! Slept in on a weekend? Pick up the phone, dial 740-1833, and order your favorites!

Minimum order amount is PHP 500. Order your old and new cravings for delivery now!

Visit Pancake House Lipa Today!

Hello Lipa
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Hello Lipa at Pancake House Lipa.

Make plans with your family for this weekend. Schedule your next meeting at Pancake House Lipa. Ask your significant other so you can try their limited-time offerings. Go visit your second home – Pancake House Lipa.

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