We first met Ciacia at the opening of Lay Bare at SM City Lipa last 2015. She’s fresh from her reign as Mutya ng Lipa back then and although obviously shy, it was quite obvious that time will come when she’ll be one of the most popular faces of Lipa City.

Meeting Our Brand Ambassador

Fast forward to this year when we met her again at the Summer 2017 Style Edit Event of The SM Woman Lipa. Thanks to stints as Mapua’s Muse for NCAA Season 92 (2016) and as a Colourette Online Ambassador (2016), she has grown into a confident woman worthy of being a brand ambassador for Hello Lipa.

She also proudly represented Lipa City as a part of the Philippines Next Top Model Highstreet Edition Top 24 (2017), making her more than qualified to help us promote Lipa City and the lifestyle it offers.

Rex Intal
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From L to R: Hello Lipa’s Brand Ambassador Ciacia Castor Mendoza, ADMU MVT’s Rex Intal, Hello Lipa’s Jay and Aisha Recinto

She’s also the proud girlfriend of Ateneo De Manila University Men’s Volleyball Team’s ace, Rex Intal. Yes, they’re the couple who became viral on social media because of Rex Intal’s ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ proposal. She has an established presence on social media, making her a good social media ambassador.

So we got in touch with her and told her of our plans to have her play a very important role in helping us achieve the main goals of Hello Lipa namely boost Lipa City (and its surrounding cities) tourism, give exposure to local businesses and personalities, and improve the lifestyle of Lipeños. She immediately said yes!

We met one night with her mom, Mam Liza Castor, and we hit it off. Ciacia’s beautiful, pleasant, polite and very respectful. Best of all, she’s very passionate about helping Lipa City tourism. Before our meeting ended, we decided that we found our brand ambassador.

Interviewing Ciacia

She’s currently busy as an official candidate of Miss Lipa Tourism 2017, but of course she made time to grant us an interview in order for you to know her better.

But first, here are some basic details about Ciacia:

Full name: Gracia Elizabetta C. Mendoza
Nickname: Ciacia
Age: 19
Birthday: November 16
Barangay in Lipa: Brgy. Kayumanggi
School: Mapua Institute of Technology
Course: BS Business Administration major in Marketing Management
Height: 5’6

We also asked her a few questions.

What are your hobbies?

Eating and sleeping! I also love exploring new places and food chains or restaurants and taking artsy/aesthetic photos for Instagram! I am very OC when it comes to Instagram! Hahahaha! I also enjoy stalking!

What makes you proud to be a Lipeña?

What makes me proud to be a Lipeña is having the “barako” character. I have always been prejudiced as soft and weak maybe because of how I look, people tend to see me as this sweet girl. What they do not know is I have this strong character in me that makes me tough and independent in a good way.

What’s the best thing about living in Lipa City?

The weather!!!! ???

Why do you think Lipa City is a good tourist destination?

Its like a one-stop-shop! Hospitality of the people + historic and beautiful churches/cathedrals + Lipa delicacies (lomi, goto, kapeng barako) + relaxation (spas!) + growth of commercial areas (Rob, SM, foodparks)!

If you have friends visiting Lipa City, where would you take them?

First, the churches! Specifically, Lipa Cathedral and Carmel. Next, lomi/goto house for lunch. If they would want to relax, definitely, The Farm! And maybe Cintai-Coritos Garden as well. If they would want to swim, I guess Shercon would be perfect. For coffee, Cafe de Lipa. For dinner or early midnight snack, Dayton or MEZ!

How would you describe Lipa City to a tourist?

Ask for anything, Lipa has it!

How do you plan on helping Lipa City tourism?

Definitely with the use of social media. I know I can reach more people using my social media accounts and I believe it is the best way to promote what my hometown has to offer.

How did you start modeling?

My tita was a former beauty queen of Lipa and her handler was Sir Jun Magana. One day, he saw me in the mall with my mom, they had some sort of a short conversation, next thing I know, I am posing in front of a camera because I needed pictures as part of a requirement in applying for a modeling competition.

How would you describe a typical Lipeña?

Conservative but tough! Family-oriented. Beautiful but wait til you hear them speak, all the ga’s and ala’s and eh’s will definitely show their quirkiness!

Here are some pictures of our food trip with Ciacia at the Dayton Food Park.

What do you think? We found the perfect brand ambassador for Hello Lipa, right?

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