From 14 teams, we’re now down to 2 teams.

The Lipa Basketball Club Season 2 Tournament which was one of the biggest basketball tournaments in Lipa City in recent memory with 14 participating teams, will draw to a close this Sunday, April 24, 2016. After months of intense competition, fun and a little bit of drama, we’re ready to crown this season’s winner.

Walang Forever vs Shirtdeck Basketball. Who you got?

Walang Forever

Walang Forever is this tournament’s Cinderella story. They were the “forgotten boys” of the tournament, with other teams hyped to win it all. Their lineup was also decimated as key players left the team for various reasons, to the point wherein they only had 5 to 6 players playing in key games. But as they’ve proven, no one can measure heart.

Bannered by the tireless workhorse, Dele Olotu, and the sweet-shooting guard Christopher Sombrano, they now find themselves in the Finals after dispatching their much-ballyhooed opponents in Brgy. Oliks during the quarterfinals and Lions in the semifinals.

They’re now ready to face 2nd ranked Shirtdeck Basketball. Will their Cinderella season end with the championship trophy and Php 5,000 in cash? Against Shirtdeck Basketball, the Olotu-Sombrano duo will need all the help they can get from the shifty Roniel Pasahol, clutch Dennis Sombrano, steady Alex Decella and Harden-lite Dino Cobarrubias along with whoever player decides to show up for the team. But as they’ve shown in the past, a Super Six lineup is all they need.

Shirtdeck Basketball

Shirtdeck Basketball is another surprise for the tournament. They were the consistent 2nd ranked team all throughout the tournament as they proved to be steady even against strong teams. They run their opponents to the ground with the stellar play of Arjay Tolentino and Joel Buena. But with their big man Buena not in the team anymore, they suddenly find themselves as the underdogs. It will take a superhuman effort from Arjay Tolentino for them to snatch a win – something that he’s done games after games.

Shirtdeck Basketball will also have to rely on their outside shooting. They’re very dangerous behind the arc, with team captain Eric Bagnes providing steady outside sniping.

They do have one glaring advantage – their depth. Shirtdeck Basketball is known for their commitment and cohesion and always has a platoon of solid players present. They have players in their bench who can start for other teams which says a lot about their depth. They will look to tire Walang Forever with their running game and deep lineup.

One thing’s for sure. With the championship at stake, Shirtdeck Basketball will showcase their fun and effective brand of basketball.

Who will Take it All?

It’s hard to predict at this point. While Walang Forever has their inside-outside game, Shirtdeck Basketball has their running and iso games to rely on. Save for the outside shooting, it’s a contrast of basketball styles which will make for an entertaining Finals game.

The winning team will take home the championship trophy, Php 5,000 in cash, medals and bragging rights.

The runner up will take home the runner up trophy and Php 2,000 in cash.

Will you be there to witness it? You should. This is Lipa Basketball Club basketball, after all.

Date: April 24, 2016

Time: 6PM

Location: LAX Basketball Court (behind Peugeot in Sico)


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