Why get a Body Composition Analysis from the Weight Management Center of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center? Watch this video to find out why!SPOILER: It will give you loads of information that the weighing scale wouldn't tell you!

Posted by Hello Lipa on Thursday, 2 May 2019

Body composition is a way of describing what the body is made of. The Weight Management Center of Mary Mediatrix provides a service called the Body Composition Analysis that accurately shows the percent of muscle, water, and fat your body is made out of; it can show accurate changes in these three elements over time. If you have weight concerns or health issues, you should try this out.

Dr. Eliza Mei Francisco explains the benefits of this test and provides a detailed personalized reading of your results. Your doctor will then tell you about your next steps, whether it be more exercise, dietary changes, or something else. It is up to you whether you will follow the advice or not. 

The body composition analysis gives you more detailed information about weight than BMI would and also helps with other fitness services, such as personal trainers; this test tells you just how healthy you are. There are other factors that affect your health, and the test is a step in the right direction to understanding your health.

This video covers who this test benefits, what you need to do to prepare, what happens before the analysis, what happens following the analysis, as well as the price.