You wouldn’t want to be faced with an emergency and not know who and what number to call. This is why we’ve put together this infographic. It has the contact details of the most important Lipa City hotlines and emergency numbers.

NOTE: This infographic was made on June 27, 2017. Numbers may change without prior notice. While we exert our best efforts to ensure 100% accuracy, and will update this from time to time, it’s your responsibility to regularly check the validity of these numbers.

Brownout? Fallen pole? Contact Batelec 2 at the numbers provided.

Medical emergency? Contact the National Emergency Hotline, Mary Mediatrix Medical Center or the Lipa Medix Medical Center.

Busted water pipe? Dirty water coming out of the faucets? Contact the Metro Lipa Water District.

There’s a disaster and you need rescue? Contact the National Emergency Hotline or the Lipa City Risk Reduction and Management Office.

Fire? Contact the Bureau of Fire Protection.

Police matter? Contact the Lipa City Philippine National Police.

City hall matters? Contact the Lipa City Mayor’s Office.

You want to file a complaint against an abusive government official or office? Call the Citizen’s Complaint Hotline.

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Lipa City Hotlines and Emergency Numbers

You can also contact the numbers for emergency tips and guidelines to prepare yourself for emergencies.

Share, save and print this infographic! You’d want this handy for future emergencies!


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