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It’s been years since someone called me a “dawg”, but looking at the pictures of the hotdogs of Yo Dawg Hotdogs, I might as well change my name to Dawg. There’s something about hotdogs that seem to capture our interest and make our mouths water. Maybe it’s the fond memories of the days when we can live on hotdogs alone. Maybe it’s how we felt for Chantal Umali when she said, “Goodbye, Carlo!” back in the days. Yeah, most Hello Lipa readers probably won’t get that reference.

Anyway, one of the restaurants owners, Kairos Emmanuel, got in touch with me and invited me to try out Yo Dawg Hotdogs. Since incidentally the Hello Lipa team is scheduled to attend the DLSL MMT Con 2016 today, we figured that a whole day of learning should be complemented by some good and juicy hotdogs. Of course, my intuition was right. When it comes to food, it’s never wrong.

Meeting the Young Owners

We were met by two of the owners, Kairos Emmanuel and Miggy Atienza. According to them, they’re 8 in the group, and they’ve been classmates since they’re in grade school. One day, and I’m assuming that it was during a drinking session, they decided to put up a business. With the proliferation of burger spots in Lipa City, they decided to offer something different. Boy, am I glad that they did.

It was also a pleasant surprise when another owner, James Benneth Estoesta, arrived. JB is a kababata of mine. His part ownership, being a PMAyer, shows how diverse the ownership team is. Miggy shared that they come from different backgrounds, each one having his own expertise to share for the success of Yo Dawg.

Trying the Food

We immediately got down to business, with the business being gorging on some hotdogs, and ordered a couple of their offerings. Being a protein fan myself, I ordered their Protein Dog. Imagine a hotdog with ham, bacon strips and a sunny side up egg. That’s protein loading for you. Actually, you can just stop imagining and start drooling.

Obviously, this is a massive hotdog. This explains why I had to roll up my sleeves.

We were served bottles of mayo, ketchup and mustard. Personally, I didn’t need the condiments. The goodness of the protein mixture in the bun is good enough. It would have been more awesome if the egg has a runny yolk but that’s my fault for not saying that I wanted it runny. I guess that gives me a reason to go back, as if I need another one.

My wife is admittedly not a hotdog fan so she ordered the Yo Burger. It’s a burger with 1/3rd pound beef patty, cheese, hotdog slices, tomatoes, lettuce and onions. Now I know that this is a hotdog place, but they serve a nice burger. My wife loved it, even saying that it’s better than most of the burgers we’ve tried including the ones in Manila.

Miggy also recommended the Chicken Burger Dawg which is one of their best-sellers. He said that it’s something that we should try. It’s a homemade chicken burger shaped like a hotdog. The chicken burger tasted like a chicken kebab which is good since chicken kebab is tasty. It’s something that will make you order rice. My wife actually asked me if she can order rice with it.

We also ordered the Cheesy Bacon Fries which as the name implies has cheese, bacon and fries. When it comes to this combination, three is definitely not a crowd. We were concerned that we won’t be able to enjoy it because we’ve already eaten the fries that came with our orders, but once we tried a couple, we couldn’t stop.

Speaking of the fries, we loved how they’re cut thick and that they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Think McDo fries, only thicker. The fries were perfectly seasoned. Personally, I would have been okay with paying the full price for just the hotdog and the burger alone, so the fries that came with the meals make the prices quite a steal.

Try it Out!

As soon as we settled down, crowds of students came to eat. Like what I said in another post, if students flock to a certain establishment, then that establishment is worth checking out. Be ready to come hungry. You’re in for quite a treat!

Here’s a copy of their menu.

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