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In most cases, roast beef is reserved for special occasions. It’s not something that you eat every day, although most people would have no problems doing just that. This is because roast beef is expensive and takes a long time to prepare. This is why most people only get to enjoy it during weddings and if they’re indulging, at expensive buffets.

Thanks to C & J Food Stop, you can now enjoy roast beef, no, make that US Angus Roast Beef, any day you want to. You can just head over to their unassuming restaurant at the Dayton Food Park and for as low as Php 150, you can sink your teeth onto tender and tasty slices of beef.

Where’s the beef? C & J Food Stop has the beef.

About their US Angus Roast Beef

C & J Food Stop orders their US Angus Roast Beef from Manila. It’s delivered cooked and ready to serve. It’s hard to miss it when you’re in Dayton. Just look for the warm yellow light embracing the sheen of a thick slab of beef.

It’s an invitation – one that you have no problems RSVPing for. I don’t know about you, but it makes me want to use it as a pillow…facing down…with mouth wide open and ready to take a bite.

You can already see how tasty it’s going to be based on its crusty appearance. That’s flavor right there. I was tempted to get the knife and slice the top right off.

It’s very lean in some parts, which leads to its dry appearance. Don’t let that fool you. The beef has a good amount of fat which makes it juicy. It also helps that they pan fry it a little for added flavor and texture.

The roast beef is fork-tender. We didn’t even ask for a knife since you don’t really need it.

The first bite confirmed my initial assumption that it’s going to be flavorful. You don’t need the gravy. It’s very tasty.

Their US Angus Roast Beef is Php 150 per 100 grams. You can add Php 10 if you want a roast beef sandwich. The bread is a good vessel for the roast beef since it absorbs the fat from the beef.

You can also add Php 30 if you want a Java rice meal. Java rice is the perfect choice for beef dishes so this works.

If you want to indulge, you can choose the carbonara with roast beef meal. For Php 210, you get a good serving of carbonara (Php 80 on its own) and roast beef. Give this one a try.

Shawarma by C & J Food Stop

I love shawarma – whether in pita or with rice. Let’s all stop and admire their shawarma first.

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Kutsara nga. Kakamayin ko to.

They have their own version of shawarma. It’s not really Persian or Turkish in flavor, but still pretty good. The owner, Clinton Carcasona, admitted to wasting kilos upon kilos of beef during the planning stages in order to come up with a recipe he can proudly call his own. Using 7 spices, he finally came up with C & J Food Stop Shawarma. I’m a fan.

You can order it with Java rice for only Php 100 or as a grab and go meal with pita bread for only Php 70.

Their Other Offerings

They recently added a couple of pasta dishes to their menu. In addition to the carbonara (which is good), they’re also offering lasagna (Php 120).

The lasagna reminds me of the lasagna served by a famous fast food chain that my wife and I both love. The only difference is the C & J Food Stop lasagna is meatier and tastier. In short, it’s better.

The Verdict

Hello Lipa
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From L to R: Clinton Carcasona (C & J Food Stop Owner), Aisha Recinto (Hello Lipa), Jay Recinto (Hello Lipa) and Architect Mariethel Garing (G Cube Design + Build Inc.)

C & J Food Stop proves that you don’t have to line up at an expensive hotel buffet in order to enjoy US Angus Roast Beef. The prices are reasonable considering the fact that you’ll leave with a satisfied smile and a full stomach. If that doesn’t convince you, this will:

Contact Details

Address: Dayton Food Park, Ayala Highway, Lipa City

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Phone Number: (043) 741 6183

Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 3PM to 11PM

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