NOTE: This establishment is now closed. To save on site resources, we have deleted the images on this post. For details on other amazing food establishments, you can click here.

You know you’re doing something right if after 3 months of serving food in a garage, you’re now serving food at a real music and gallery snack bar. That’s exactly what Loidz Magbuhos of the Loidz Craziest Nachos fame recently achieved, as she just opened Loidz Channel Live in a bigger and better location at Mataas na Lupa, Lipa City.

The Hello Lipa team, being a fan of her nachos and blueberry cheesecake, wasn’t about to turn down an invitation to attend the opening of Loidz Channel Live. It opened last night, May 13, 2016. Judging from how the place was packed last night, it’s quite obvious that the Friday the 13th curse had no power over Loidz. Knowing Loidz, it’s all good vibes.

We arrived at around 8PM and the place was already buzzing with activity. It was so busy that Loidz, in her pasabog outfit and all, had to help her waiters and servers. After all, there were already a lot of people anticipating her new offerings. We didn’t mind the short wait as we were serenaded by the Figure 8 acoustic band in between the jumpy sets of DJ Fuwi.

About the Place

It’s hard to explain the place. You’ll see an open space as soon as you enter the vicinity and then you’ll be shocked and awed once you see the artwork on the walls. Loidz has some very talented friends. It’s like being in an art museum, only cooler and with better food.

Loidz Channel Live
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The Still Alluring Owner, Loidz Magbuhos, in Front of Loidz Channel Live

The place is perfect as a tambayan. I’m confident it’s going to be popular among tired and weary call center agents from nearby call centers and medical personnel from nearby Mediatrix.

Note: Please see pictures towards the end of this post for more pictures of the place.

Old Favorites Still Available

We were fully expecting for her nachos and blueberry cheesecake available. After all, these are the things that turned Loidz into some sort of pop culture, with rabid fans making regular trips to her then old location at Riverside just to try them. We were very happy to see for sure that they’re still available. It’s like seeing old friends!

We’re happy to report that they still taste amazing!

Some New Favorites

Loidz Channel Live also has new offerings. I was able to try the Sisig na Mabangis which is aptly-named since mabangis naman talaga. It’s meaty and if you’re a fan of mayo-creamy sisig, you’ll love it. Kudos to her brother for coming up with the recipe and the name.

We also tried the Classic Buffalo Wings. I’m not going to say anything else and just post a picture.

No scratch that. I’m going to say something. Make sure that your hands are clean once you start eating the wings with your fingers because you’re going to lick that saucy goodness off of your fingers afterwards.

Here are some pictures of the opening:

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Try Loidz Channel Live!

Overall, it was a fun night with smiles, satisfied tummies and good vibes all around. We’ll surely be back!

Here’s a map of the place. See you there!

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