Reknowned as the “King of ihaw-ihaw ng Batangas,” Arthur’s BBQ started just as how any other small business has: through hard work, dedication, and hope. Arthur Soriano, the owner of Arthur’s BBQ, decided to enter the barbecue business after losing his merchandiser job in 2008. What started as a small investment– 1500 pesos, a table on the side of the road, and one man– eventually grew into a restaurant with a full staff.

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Fun fact: Arthur’s BBQ serves around 300 kg of meat a day! That’s enough to feed about 2000 people.

Mr. Soriano can still remember the early days of his magiihaw career: he would load all of his supplies– the bangihan, street foods, plates, suka, and other kitchen items– onto his tricycle and set out for the day. Over time, they upgraded to a food cart with a small seating area, then a sit-down eatery in 2018, which has evolved into Arthur’s BBQ that we see today. They serve almost every Pinoy street food imaginable:

  • Arthur’s Special Barbecue
  • Chicken isaw
  • Binubong
  • Bituka ng baboy
  • Dugo
  • Bulaklak
  • Chicharon bulaklak
  • Bitukang mura
  • Tenga
  • Pisngi
  • Atay
  • Ulo/Helmet
  • Paa/Adidas
  • Hotdog
  • Of course… their signature suka!

Our very own Jayzar Recinto can’t get enough of his ihaw-ihaw!

So, where does their signature tagline “Suka pa lang, ulam na!” come from? Their very own customers! Mr. Soriano created the suka recipe himself, earning praise for its sweet, savory, and slightly spicy flavor that complements the natural sourness of vinegar. There are some individuals that drink it as it is or use it to sabaw their rice. If you can’t get enough of Arthur’s BBQ’s special suka, then you’re in luck! They also sell bottles of it so that you can take some home for yourself. Being curious foodies ourselves, we encourage you to try this suka with lechon, fish, and fried chicken, to name a few pairings.

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Looking back at everything the business has been through, Mr. Soriano still can’t help but be in awe of how far everything has gone and what is to come. Now that Arthur’s BBQ has stablized, especially after COVID, their next goal is to open up more branches and maintain his title as “The Best Inihaw in Batangas,” a title given by his customers. You can catch Mr. Soriano working the bangihan and serving customers every day, except Monday, from 3 PM to 9 PM.

Located along an inner road off President J.P. Laurel Highway, Arthur’s BBQ is easily accessible via public transport and private car. They have a few parking spots available in their lot as well. Their ihaw-ihaw is freshly grilled once you pick which pieces you want, and because they take food preparation seriously, you won’t taste the bitterness of the laman loob. You may choose to sit inside the restaurant or outside on the covered patio.

Take a look at the story behind Arthur’s BBQ here:

Better yet, visit them and have a taste of their ihaw-ihaw yourself!

Blk 10 Lot 22 Villa de Lipa 1 Marawoy , Lipa City, Philippines

0918 628 0671