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Japan is renowned for its izakaya dining settings, and their widespread depiction in Japanese media, including anime, manga, and TV dramas, has provided people from all over the world with a glimpse into the lively atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine they offer. You can find a multitude of izakayas with just a simple walk through large cities like Tokyo and Osaka, each with its own unique ambiance, customers, and menu.

A Little Background: What is an Izakaya?

According to Go Tokyo: The Official Tokyo Travel Guide:

… They are places where people come to unwind with co-workers and friends. More like a tapas bar or gastropub than just a bar, at 00an izakaya, you take your pick from beer, whiskey, sake, and a wide variety of Japanese (and not-so-Japanese) foods.

Some izakaya look like ars, other (sic) look more like restaurants. At some the tables are low, and you sit on a cushion or in [a] low chair on the floor, while others have standard, Western-style chairs and tables. You might be asked to remove your shoes before entering, in which you’ll probably store your shoes in a cubby by the entrance or in a designated spot near your table. …

Typical hours for an izakaya start at 17:00 or 18:00. Many will close at 23:00 or midnight, around the time when the last trains in Tokyo head home, while some will stay open until the wee hours.

Given how community-centric Filipino culture is, this kind of dining experience perfectly aligns with our desire for shared moments and social interactions. Continue reading to hear more about our experience, the variety of food that Izakaya Tago has to offer, and the unique ambiance it adds to Lipa City.

What is the Dining Experience Like?

Like the traditional izakayas that line the streets of Tokyo, this Lipa-based Japanese restaurant features indoor and outdoor seating, allowing patrons to choose their preferred dining environment. The indoor seating exuded a cozy and intimate vibe, while the outdoor seating provided a refreshing al fresco experience.

The Interior/Exterior

Overall, the design of Izakaya Tago is a captivating fusion of sleek modernity and traditional Japanese elements. The highlight of the interior design was a captivating mural adorned with mountains and waves, reminiscent of the iconic ukiyo-e prints. This artistic masterpiece added a touch of elegance and transported us to the serene landscapes of Japan. Alongside the mural, a large photo of Fushimi Inari Taisha, a renowned shrine in Kyoto, further emphasized the restaurant’s connection to Japanese culture and heritage.

Paper lanterns, industrial-style string lights, and metal ceiling fans adorn the space and add a cool and casual charm that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the restaurant. Besides the food, you’ll also stay for the cozy and inviting ambiance at Izakaya Tago. There is plenty of space between the table setups so you can enjoy your intimate dining experience without feeling crowded.

Because there is an al fresco/outdoor area, Izakaya Tago is a pet-friendly place! Take your fur-babies on an adventure to discover new parts of the city.

The Food

Typically, izakayas serve a variety of light snacks that pair well with their alcoholic beverages and are meant to be shared in a group setting. To provide that authentic Japanese dining experience, Izakaya Tago offers this and additionally has an extensive menu that caters to all appetites and preferences.

If you’re in the mood for a light snack to accompany your drink, Izakaya Tago has you covered with a variety of sharable appetizers to get you started, like edamame, gyoza, and yakisoba. Izakaya Tago takes it a step further by providing a wide range of full entrees that are sure to satisfy even the heartiest of appetites, like ramen, rice meals, steak, sushi platters, and more.

We’ll provide their menu below so you can get a better idea of their inclusions:

Where is Izakaya Tago located?

Izakaya Tago is conveniently located on one of the major roads of Lipa City, President Jose P. Laurel Hwy. The restaurant is tucked into a side street behind SEC Motosupply Lipa, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for their signage. You can navigate here by using Waze, Apple Maps, and Google Maps.

What Can You Expect for Your Experience?

This resto-bar is Japanese-owned and, according to the manager, the owner personally buys the ingredients themselves to ensure the quality is the best. You can tell how much attention to detail is put into each dish because they are meticulously plated. The flavors of each dish are rich but not overbearing and the chefs take great care in preparing each meal to give diners the best experience.

Check out the photos we captured below. They are highly recommended based on their 4.8 star review on Facebook. If you’re visiting Lipa, add Izakaya Tago to your bucketlist!

How to Contact Izakaya Tago:

Address: G/F Hoogah 2021 Bldg. J.P. Laurel Highway, Marawoy, Lipa City 4217 Lipa City, Philippines

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +63 991 575 3803

Facebook: Izakaya Tago