Women, watch this video about menopause.

Sa tulong ni Dra. Emma Caringal, OB Gynecologist ng Mary Mediatrix Medical Center (Official Fan Page), alamin ang mga symptoms ng menopause, kung nakakaapekto ba ito sa ating kalusugan, ano ang mga maaari nating gawin sa mga symptoms na ito at ano-ano ang mga possible treatments ng menopause. This is a reminder to all beautiful women out there. Let's make menopause matter and get ready to be fit at 40, fab at 50 and strong at 60.#HelloBrands#OneFamily#OneHospital#OneMediatrix

Posted by Hello Lipa on Friday, 8 February 2019

Menopause is a natural condition that women face as they age. However, many Filipina women do not talk about it as often as they should. Dr. Emma Caringal, OB Gynecologist explains this as a cultural phenomenon in which Filipina women feel the pressure to hide the pain they feel from the symptoms of menopause. She continues to explain that there are 2 types of menopause: perimenopause, the early stages, and menopause.

This informational interview provides all the details that men and women alike need to know about the menopausal process, why it happens, what the symptoms are, and what treatment options are. If you are unfamiliar with what menopause is, then this video is for you. Menopause is not an illness; it is a natural process that women experience as they age. Always go to a specialist, whether your symptoms become unbearable or because you want to learn more, because this provides a good opportunity for you to know what can be done and/or how your symptoms can be prevented.